How to Experience The Northfield Experience

This production is designed as a tour through parts of Northfield, Minnesota, which you will experience through a combination of walking (to nearby sites) or with transportation. Here at the Grand Event Center, your color coded wristband places you in one of five different tour groups. Each group will see six different sites guided by one of our special Northfield Experience tour guides. We ask that once you are with your tour group that you stay with the group for the duration of the performance. The guides will be available to answer questions, and as the production unfolds will ensure that you are, at all times, exactly in the best possible place to view each individual performance and installation.

The Genesis of The Northfield Experience

In April of 2015, Janice Roberts, professor of dance at St. Olaf College, invited me to her campus to give a workshop, lecture and to visit Carleton College’s campus to do research for a possible collaborative project for the two colleges. Upon my visit to the campuses, and after driving and walking through Northfield, I realized that the city of Northfield was the logical location to propose a collaborative project. It is this city that the two institutions “collaborate” with every day and the history of each college is tied inextricably with the history of Northfield itself. The overall concept for this event came quickly and upon subsequent visits, I, along with Janice Roberts and Steve Richardson, director of the Weitz Center at Carleton College, identified the sites that we felt would be desirable for such an event. Given the ambitiousness of both working in tandem with the two colleges and partnering with several Northfield institutions, including the Northfield City Council, a solid two years of planning and fundraising was required. This production is comprised of 10 separate works of art, five artistic practices (music, theater, dance, media, and visual arts), and partners with two colleges, seven different civic institutions and the Northfield City Council. Between the students, faculty, and community artists who have contributed their time and creative energy, The Northfield Experience has engaged over 400 people from the greater Northfield community. (Stephan Koplowitz)

The Performance at a Glance

The Grand Theater

Part One:

Media Installations (second floor balcony)

Under the direction of Laska Jimsen (Carleton College): Seth Calvin, Rachel Everett, Alexa L. Feeney, Lina Fisher, Brendan Friesen, Léa Gould, Ritvik Kar, Harrison Keithahn, Paul Kirk-Davidoff, Pallav Kumar, Theo Morris, Aki Nace, Peycen Ouyang, Kayla Rudess, Louis Stein, Gabriella Torres, Ezra Ward-Packard, Fengrui Zhang

Under the direction of Peter Nelson (St. Olaf College): August Carpenter, Mira Deming, Cole Dressen, Mercy Garriga, Noah Gustilo, Thomas Hardy, Thea Lund, Leo Matter, Cookie Sales Imperial, Emilie Smolders, Melanie Thompson, Stephanie Trinkner

Part Two:

A Special Place

Directed by William Sonnega
Devised by William Sonnega and Cast
Costumes by Andrea M. Gross
Lighting: Brian Bjorklund
Performers: Avery Baker, Anya Fairchild, Josh Horst, Tara Maloney, Chaz Mayo, Max McKune, Ian Sutherland, Dario Villalobos

Special thanks to Susan Hvistendahl, Samantha Roback and the Grand Event Center staff.

The Grand Theater

Hvistendhal, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn at the Historic Bank Building

si nummi immunis
(If you pay you shall go free.)

Andrea Mazzariello, sound/concept
Holly Streekstra, visuals/concept

Special thanks to David Hvistendahl for his generosity and for allowing us to use his resonant and beautiful voice. And thanks to everyone at the office for being willing to let us invade their space.

The First National Bank

The Northfield Public Library

Reading Time

Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz
Original Score by Michael Creighton
Costumes by Andrea M. Gross
Rehearsal Directors: Judith Howard, Jane Shockley, Mike Bahn
Performers: Annie Richardson, Erin Arntson, Kyra Wilson , Margaret Anne Puzak , Max Pope, Cristian Castro-Brizendine, Elizabeth Zhu, Claudia Naughton, Audrey Kastner, Eliana Durnbaugh, Karah Haug , Lydia Symchych with Julia Felderman, Lewis Ching Zhi Yuan, Skylar Yu, Tom Teeter, Anna Johnson

Special thanks to the performers and Lauren Goboff for their creative contributions in making this work, and deep appreciation to Teresa Jensen and her entire staff for making us so welcome at “at home” during our entire creative process.

Northfield Public Library

The Northfield Train Depot

Moving Past the Past

Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz
Original Score by Elijah Baumgartner
Costumes by Andrea M. Gross
Rehearsal and Assistant Director: Heather Klopchin
Assistant Rehearsal Director: Amanda Myroniuk
Performers: Briana Blakey, Nellie Brovold, Christy Dobbratz, Sabrina Easley, Juli Eckert, Emily Emerson, Harper Foote, Sarah Golemon-Mercer, Michelle Honsey, Sonja Lund, Maisy Martin, Emma Mogard, Amanda Myroniuk, Jake Nehrbass, Daniele Oblitas, Ella Schmeits, Fiona Steen, Ivy Tong, Georgia Wagnild

Special thanks to the performers for their creative contributions in making this work and to Alice Thomas for everything else!

Northfield Train Depot

The Northfield Arts Guild Theater

Theater (De) Tour

Conceived and Directed by Stephan Koplowitz
Written by Brendon Etter
Costumes by Andrea M Gross
Stage Manager: Deb Clark
Performers: (in order of appearance): Larry Tolle, Susan Dunhapt, Alison Haider, Rob Schanilec and Felicia Crosby

Special thanks to Rachel Haider, Birch Carlson, and Susan Carlson.

The Northfield Arts Guild Theater

The Northfield Historical Society

ESTO FIDELIS USQUE AD MORTEM (Faithful unto Death), or A Successfully Fun Day at Jesse James

Video Installation created by Peter Nelson with Kat Bluett, Cookie Sales Imperial, Evan Weselmann.

The First National Bank

The Northfield Cemetery

The Beginning

Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz
Original Score by Justin Merritt
Costumes by Andrea M. Gross
Rehearsal Directors: Heather Klopchin, Judith Howard, Jane Shockley
Assistant Rehearsal Director: Maisy Martin
Musical Director: Therees Hibbard with Mark Stover and Matthew Olson
Dancers: (Carleton) Annie Richardson, Erin Arntson, Kyra Wilson , Margaret Anne Puzak , Max Pope, Cristian Castro-Brizendine, Elizabeth Zhu, Claudia Naughton, Audrey Kastner, Eliana Durnbaugh, Karah Haug , Lydia Symchych, (St. Olaf) Briana Blakey, Nellie Brovold, Christy Dobbratz, Sabrina Easley, Juli Eckert, Emily Emerson, Harper Foote, Sarah Golemon-Mercer, Michelle Honsey, Sonja Lund, Emma Mogard, Amanda Myroniuk, Jake Nehrbass, Daniele Oblitas, Ella Schmeits, Fiona Steen, Ivy Tong, Georgia Wagnild

Special thanks to the performers for the creative contributions to this work.

Singers: (St. Olaf Manitou Singers, Therees Hibbard, Director) Ann Ambach, Isabel Ashley, Grace Bloomquist, Emily Borkowski, Emma Chambers, Marisabel Cordova, Lauren Dahl, Chloe Hanstra, Julia Hearn, Alice Langby, Grace Lindmark, Hannah Liu, Katherine McCord, Chloe Militzer, Cally Minner, Kaytlin Richter, Kathleen Rudberg, Emerson Slaughter, Amanda Staab, Amanda Stagg, Mara Tostengard, Sydney Wagner, Claire Walsh, Salem Weitzenhoffer, Lacy Williams, Lauren Zimmerman, Kirsten Anderson, Martha Barnard, Natalie Brandt, Jessica Camp, Claire Correll, Astrid Eken, Meredith Enersen, Amanda Goldberg, Katherine Hagaman, Grace Hermes, Gabriella Holtzman, Raina Jones, Ashley Knowlton, Jade Larson, Anna Olson, Tamsin Olson, Madeline Peterson, Kylie Poxon, Daaé Ransom, Abigail St. John, Anna Seppa, Emily Thompson, Anna Weisenburger, Rachel Wyffels, Emily Albrecht, Emma Arachtingi, Anna Barnard, Hannah Cabasco, Bianca Davis, Grace DeBoer, Ruby Erickson, Hadley Evans Nash, Monique Geronimo, Solveig Gordon, Allyson Green, Hannah Haglund, Emilie Hapgood, Kathryn Hoffman, Jessica Hoyt, Liliana Klepeis, Hannah Lyons, Meredith Maloley, Madison Marble, Katherine Moore, Jennifer Mossman, Gretchen Ohlmacher, Olivia Peer, Isabel Sullivan, Leah Ramsey, Hannah Wenzel, Lauren Williams
Caroline Allessi, Katrina Andrusick, Anna Bergstrom, Alex Lounsbery Duminy, Margret Emborsky
Margaret Fox, Sydney Hall, Jenna Leonard, Sara Jensen, Chloe Joy, Hadley Lange, Mallory Lindahl, Marisa Luchsinger, Ella Paine, Grace Peacore, Annika Peterson, Elise Pittman, Victoria Salaba, Danielle Scheuermann, Abigail Stone, Meg Swanson, Nina Vang, Julia Walter, Kelly Wichmann, Abigail Wilson
(St. Olaf Viking Choir, Mark Stover, Director): Tafari Bellete, Jack Henry Buendorf, Patricius Glenn Carlsen, Noah Tian Ci Han, Jonah M Herzog, Bradford Jensen, David DeLoss Johnson, Tyler Joseph Krohn, Samuel Morris Long, Grant Thomas Marolf, Samuel Allen Mast, Finn Anderson Olseth, Noel Arnold Emanuel Jr. Patterson, Benjamin C Ragsdel, Jonah Francis Schmitz, Rei Ueda, Toyama-shi, Jacob Scott Van Norwick, Ezekiel H Warren-Weigmann, Daniel Thomas West, Nolan W Catton, John Magnus Conlan, Alexander Church Davies, Micah Thomas Dombrower, Robert Logan Drieslein, Lucas Christopher Hering, Colin Lang, Simon Cletus Hoehn, Marcel Donovan Hones, Christopher David Howard, Andrew Jeon, Sether T Johnson, Henry Bergstedt Junker, Alexander Pando Kiprof, Jacob Lagus, Heriberto Lopez, Isaac Timothy Lynch, Branden R Ma, Julian Malaby, Simon Anton Malotky, Glenn Mayer, Simon Patmore-Zarcone, Cees Allen Postema, Arbind Kaji Shrestha, Kathmandu, Nepal, Jack Ryan Stetler, Cole Benjamin Thompson, Bjorn Eric Vogen, Jacob Wilde, Mungyu Yang
(Carleton Choir, Matthew Olson, Director): Nof Babajide, Estelle Bayer, Maddy Birnbaum, Kelly Buck, Emily Cudhea-Pierce, Alexa Curtis, Annamarie Delfino, Brittany Dominguez, Eliana Durnbaurgh, Jonah Fisher, Gabriel Friedrich, Max Goldberg, Sarah Grier, Katie Grosh, Anne Guttridge , Lydia Hanson, Cole Hanson, Rachel Harris, Josh Hauser, Xander Idrogo-Lam
Catherine Johnson, Zhi You Koh, Tenzin Kunsang , Sophie Lefebvre, Grace Leuchtenberger
Ben Lowry, Ellie Maltby, Rebecca Margolis, Sasha Mayn, Rebecca McCartney ,Ross Munk, Sam Orfield, Laudie Porter, Nathan Rowley, Tom Rubino, Maddy Schilling, Claire Schugart, Anna Schumacher, Maddie Scott, Lena Stein, Yuting Su, Caroline Wheeler, Teddy Willard, Parma Yazdanpanah, Lucy W

The Northfield Cemetery

Division Street (downtown), Northfield

120th Annual One Float Northfield Historical Parade

Design and Fabrication Direction: John Saurer
with: Evan Day Diggins, Mercy Garriga, Markus Helmken, Sara Jamros, Analeise Jarvi-Beamer, Elliot Kirt, Jungoh Lee, Mita Pelecis, Lise Ramaley, Tessa Rogers, George Snow, Evelyn Wakeley
Float Performers: Ernest Avalos, Allison Peterson, George Snow (Sunday)

Downtown Northfield

The Orphaned Ole Choral Society*

Members: B. Lauer, Alden Bostwick, Amanda Treseler, Annaleah Magnuson, Ben Habel , Michael Wegter, Jacob Noordermeer, Zach Kubasta, Noel Patterson , Abigail St. John, Jack Stetler, Daniel King (*sometimes known as the Hill Harmonics of St. Olaf)

The Northfield Arts Guild Gallery

The Northfield (Exhibition) Experience

Northfield community artists: Robert Christy, Toni Easterson, Doug Foxgrover, Mary Ellen Frame Kirsten Johnson, Glynnis Lessing, Fred T. Miller, Sharol Nau, Rebecca Tolle

Michon Weeks (St. Olaf Painting): Maggie Bennett*, Clara Brand*, Emily Brown, Sophia Buchda* Iris Burbank*, Ally Christensen*, Cole Dressen, Kate Henry*, Analeise Jarvi-Beamer*, Laura Jones, Derrick Le-Tran, Thea Lund*, Myrto Neamonitaki*, Kylee Novak, Charlotte Roiger, Emer Kate Sanders*, Abby Schilling*, Anna Wolle*
* indicates persons with paintings displayed in Guild exhibition

Meg Ojala (St. Olaf photography class): Zofie Basta, Maggie Bennett, Iris Burbank, Sarah Fisco Brandon Lee, Alexandra Mascolo, Yazmin Moktan, David Nicholson, Siri Nyckelmoe, Evan Pak Bennett Robelia, Holly Westwood, Erin Wiebe

Special thanks to Heather Lawrenz and the Guild Gallery Committee Volunteers:
Wendell Arneson, Jim Bohnhoff, Erica Ness, Kip O’Krongly, Kati Reak, Jan Shoger, Rebecca Tolle.

The Northfield Arts Guild


Stephan Koplowitz is a director/choreographer/media artist known for his work on stage, film and site. His work aims to alter people’s perspectives of place, site, and scale, all infused with a sense of the human condition. He is concerned with the intersection of natural, social and cultural ecologies within urban and natural environments and his original works for public spaces aim to allow communities to discover and rediscover the knowns and unknowns of their own town square. Since 1984 he has created 91 works (64 commissions) in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The recipient of an Alpert Award in the Arts, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a NYC “Bessie” Award, six NEA Choreography Fellowships (1988-97) and two distinguished alumni awards from Wesleyan University (B.A., Music Composition) and the University of Utah (M.F.A., Choreography). His 33-year career in arts education began in New York City where he lived for 23 years, followed by a 10-year appointment as Dean/Faculty of Dance at the California Institute of the Arts (Los Angeles, 2006-16). He is currently the full time Artistic Director of Kop Art, Inc., working on projects, commissions and guest teaching. Recent works include (Mill Town) for the Bates Dance Festival and Occupy, commissioned by the mixed-ability AXIS Dance Company at the Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco (both 2017). He was a 2017 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Resident Fellow working on a book project about site creation and production. The Northfield Experience is his second commission in Minnesota, Gustavus College in 2012 commissioned Our Place,In Place for their 150th anniversary in 2012. More information and videos of work, click here to see his other work.

Ashley E. Stock, technical designer for the St. Olaf Dance Department, creates environments for performance with lighting, sound, and projections, lights collections in Flaten Art Museum, and supervises all student Dance Technicians. Ashley is also a freelance lighting designer, stage manager, electrician, and stagehand throughout the Twin Cities and nationally. She currently works with the Children’s Theatre Company and Guthrie Theater, among others, and previously for The Santa Fe Opera, The Yard on Martha’s Vineyard, History Theatre, and Shakespeare & Co. in the Berkshires. She has worked with and danced alongside of choreographers Adam Barruch, Camille A. Brown, Luke Murphy, Yin Mei, Jason Samuels Smith, Cori Marquis, The Wondertwins, Skinner|Kirk, and Ragamala Dance. She is thrilled to be working with Stephan Koplowitz and this team on Northfield Experience. Ashley holds a B.F.A. degree in Theatre Design/Technology, emphasis in Lighting Design & Technology, and B.A. degree in German, Language and Literature, from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.

Composer Justin Merritt was the youngest-ever winner of the ASCAP Foundation Rudolph Nissim Award. He is also the winner of a host of other awards, including the McKnight Fellowship, the Copland Award, and the Polyphonos Prize. His music has been played by the Minnesota Orchestra, Indianapolis Symphony, and on A Prairie Home Companion. His evening length cantata, The Path, was premiered at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis in April 2018. The work is a setting of a collection of Buddhist Pali scriptures translated by the composer and set for multiple choirs, soloists, and large orchestra. He received his B.A. from Trinity University and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Indiana University. He studied composition with Samuel Adler, Sven-David Sandstrom, Claude Baker, Timothy Kramer, Don Freund, and electronic and computer music with Jeffrey Hass. He is currently an Associate Professor of Music, Composition and Theory at St. Olaf College. He resides in Northfield, Minnesota with his wife Faye and their children Cullen Fang Ouxiang and Molly Fang Qinghe.

Brendon Etter is a playwright and actor living in Northfield. He is a graduate and employee of Carleton College, a father of three, grandfather of two, and husband of one. His writing has been published in three different anthologies. He has appeared on numerous stages and in widely-varying roles around the area in more than 50 productions.

Andrea Mazzariello is a composer, performer, writer, and teacher. His work borrows from both popular and art music approaches, and obsesses over technological intervention, instrumental technique, and the power of language. So Percussion, NOW Ensemble, Newspeak, and many others have performed his concert music. He’s played shows at venues like the Knitting Factory, the Princeton Record Exchange, Galapagos, and Cakeshop. The Queens New Music Festival, Make Music New York, and the Wassaic Festival have presented his songs and spoken word. Active as an educator, he’s taught at Princeton University, Ramapo College of New Jersey, and directs the composition program at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute. He’s currently a visiting professor of music at Carleton College, where he teaches composition, music technology, and music fundamentals.

Peter Bonde Becker Nelson grew up in Annandale, Minnesota. He earned a B.A. in Studio Art from St. Olaf College in 2004 and an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the University of Washington in 2010. Peter taught photography, video, and new media for three years at St. Lawrence University (2010-13) and is currently an assistant professor of new media in the Department of Art & Art History at St. Olaf College.

John Saurer earned his B.A. at Hope College (sculpture and drawing) and M.F.A. at Colorado State University (sculpture). He has installed and exhibited work internationally and has earned regional and national grants. His work consistently involves sculpture, printmaking, and drawing and he has been teaching each of these media at St. Olaf College since 1995. During his last sabbatical, John had solo exhibitions in Livingston, Bozeman, and Helena, Montana. Last spring he collaborated with Janice Roberts and created sets for her choreography, “Shards”. He is very proud of his current Art 224 Direct Metals class who enthusiastically created the 101-year float!

Holly Streekstra is a sculptor and installation artist who employs multiple modes and forms of expression. With a background in theater, sculpture, music, and dance, her work has explored perception and make-believe to investigate our inner subjective states and psychic vulnerability in the contemporary world. She is especially interested in the willing suspension of disbelief and our capacity for doubt. Streekstra has participated in many group exhibitions and residencies in the United States and abroad and has received several awards. Her work has been shown at SooVAC, Minnesota Museum of American Art, and Franconia Sculpture Park, in Minnesota; the Invisible Dog, Brooklyn; and the Good Children Gallery, New Orleans. She was a 2016 Jerome Emerging Artist Fellow. In 2013, she was a Fulbright Scholar in Hungary. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and an M.F.A. from Louisiana State University.

William Sonnega is an associate professor of theater at St. Olaf College, chair of the St. Olaf Theater Department, and director of St. Olaf’s Media & Film Studies program. Among other productions, his directing work at St. Olaf includes Tartuffe, Romeo and Juliet, The Maids, The Three Sisters, Balm in Gilead, and The Laramie Project. As a playwright, his work includes Fashion, at Vineyard Theatre in New York City and the University of Minnesota; The Motown Sound, at the 92nd Street Y in New York, Pennsylvania Stage Company in Allentown, and Attic Theater in Detroit; and Cloud People, at the University of Colorado. His latest play, Full Ride, will be produced at St. Olaf College this fall.

Eli Baumgartner is a St. Olaf senior French and music major with an emphasis on music theory/composition. This is his fourth composition in collaboration with the St. Olaf Dance Department and he’s enthralled by their work every time. Next year, Eli hopes to continue pursuing his work as a composer in whatever way possible. Eli is deeply indebted to his friends and family for their consistent support through and through.

Michael Andrew Creighton is an award-winning composer based out of Orlando, Florida. Having been commissioned by high school, college, and professional ensembles alike, Michael has written and arranged works for orchestra, solo instruments, chamber ensembles, choirs, and contemporary a cappella ensembles. Passionate in his commitment to storytelling through music, Michael also enjoys working with creators in different mediums to pair his music with films and video games. It is through this commitment and musical ability that he earned a composition award from the Florida Vocal Association for his first choral work, “Ignis et Glacies,” and he has continued finding success and growth while studying at the prestigious music program at St. Olaf College. This is his first time working both in electro-acoustic music and dance, and the chance to write outside his comfort zone has proven both exciting and enlightening.

Janice Haws Roberts is Professor of Dance at St. Olaf College, where she served as chair of the dance program for 17 years. Janice is the Treasurer of and holds a place on the Board of Directors for National Association of Schools of Dance. Janice is the recipient of numerous grants, including Dance/USA and National Endowment for the Arts American Masterpieces: Dance-College Component Grant; Minnesota State Arts Board Career Opportunity Grant for Artistic Activity; SEMAC Original Works Grant; SEMAC Artist Initiative Grant, two Minnesota Dance Alliance Visiting Artist Grants; St. Olaf College Release Time Grant for Artistic Activity.Janice’s professional performing career includes eight years with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she had the opportunity to perform the works of a multitude of prominent choreographers.  During this time, she also worked as a solo artist and guest choreographer with several universities and professional companies.

Steve Richardson was named Director of the Arts at Carleton College in 2007. At Carleton, he is charged with programming the interdisciplinary Weitz Center for Creativity and creating curricular collaborations between arts departments and between the arts and other disciplines. Previously, he was the long-time Producing Director of Theatre de la Jeune Lune, creating work in Minneapolis as well as in partnership with artistic institutions around the community and the country including the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minnesota Orchestra, Minnesota Dance Theatre, and many regional theatres. Under his leadership, Theatre de la Jeune Lune won the 2005 Tony Award for Excellence in Regional Theatre. Steve has served on the Northfield Arts and Culture Commission and the Boards of Pangea World Theater, the Minneapolis Warehouse District Business Association, and the Alliance Francaise of Minneapolis and St. Paul. In 1999 he was named one of Minneapolis CityBusiness’s “40 Under 40.”

Harrison Hintzsche is a freelance classical singer and arts administrator based in Minneapolis. Harrison has worked with the St. Olaf College Music Organizations office and the St. Olaf Events Management office, assisting with the planning and management of annual events such as the St. Olaf Christmas Festival and the St. Olaf Commencement Ceremony, as well as the domestic concert tours of the St. Olaf Orchestra, the St. Olaf Band, and the St. Olaf Choir. As a professional classical baritone, Harrison enjoys working with vocal ensembles such as the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, MPLS (imPulse), and the Minnesota Chorale. Harrison made his solo international debut in January 2018 at Wigmore Hall (London) in a collaborative recital on the songs of Franz Schubert with internationally acclaimed pianist Graham Johnson. Harrison earned a BM degree from St. Olaf College in 2016, and will pursue an MM degree at Yale University starting in the fall of 2018. To see his other works, click here.

Rachel Haider serves as Performing Arts Manager with the Northfield Arts Guild, working with the 411 Concert Series, Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra, their year-long theater season, LAB Theater Series, Purple Door Youth Theater and numerous special events. Additionally, she is a theater arts director, instructor, performer, and choreographer. Her extensive resume includes work with professional, community and educational theaters. In addition to theater, she has worked with the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and the Duluth Symphony Orchestra. Her training and experience crosses all of the arts curricula. Rachel has served as a Publicist, Regional Office Manager and Human Resources Representative; she has taught in both public and private schools, as well as with numerous arts organizations.  She is also an avid gardener.

Therees Tkach Hibbard is associate professor of choral music at St. Olaf College where she teaches voice, conducting, and directs the Manitou Singers and Chamber Singers. She has served as conductor, adjudicator, and clinician for choral organizations throughout Great Britain, Europe and North America; as well as in Greece, Hong Kong and Oman. Her work as a voice and movement specialist in training choral singers and conductors has created unique opportunities for her to collaborate with choirs and conductors from around the world. Prior to her appointment to the St. Olaf faculty, she was Associate Director of Choral Activities at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and previously worked for twelve years as a singer, conductor, and university lecturer in London, UK. In addition to her work as conductor and teacher, she has also performed professionally as vocal soloist, dancer and choral singer in Great Britain and throughout the United States.

HillHarmonics A Cappella is a contemporary collegiate a cappella group rooted in music and community service in Northfield and the Twin Cities metro area. We are a gender inclusive ensemble of twelve members that holds a concert each semester, along with additional gigs on and off the St. Olaf campus.

Judith Howard is a Twin Cities dance artist and a professor in the Department of Theater and Dance at Carleton College where she runs the Dance Program.  She is honored to be working with Stephan Koplowitz, St Olaf and Carleton dancers in the Northfield Experience project, where spaces, architecture and history are coming alive through performance!

Laska Jimsen makes nonfiction films and videos. Her individual and collaborative work has screened at festivals and venues including Ann Arbor, Athens, IC Docs, MadCat, Los Angeles Filmforum and Walker Art Center. Laska is Assistant Professor of Cinema & Media Studies at Carleton College.

Mary Ann Kelling's costume designs have been seen in Minneapolis at Park Square Theater, The Illusion Theater, Pangea World Theater and Arena Dances.  She has also designed costumes and make-up for theatre and dance in the Los Angeles area; Chicago, IL; Harrisonburg, VA; Northfield, MN; Detroit, MI and Flint, MI. She is the resident Costume Designer for the Department of Theater and Dance at Carleton College, Northfield, MN where she is also the Supervisor for the costume shop and a Lecturer in Design.  She has taught and designed for theater &/or dance at St. Olaf College, The University of Tulsa, The University of Michigan-Flint and California State University, Long Beach. Mary Ann has a BA in studio art from St. Olaf College, MN, and an MFA in costume design from California State University in Long Beach.

Heather Klopchin is an Associate Professor of Dance and Chair of the Dance Department at St. Olaf College. Heather is passionate about performing, choreographing, researching, and teaching dance. Highlights of her career to date include performing in works by Danny Buraczeski, Joe Chvala, David Dorfman, Bill Evans, Karla Grotting, Judith Howard, Doris Humphrey, Mathew Janczewski, Walter Kennedy, Linda Lehovec, Paula Mann, Mark Morris, Jeffrey Peterson, Anthony Roberts, Melissa Rolnick, Zoe Sealy, Joanie Smith and Danial Shapiro, and Doug Varone.  She has also performed with Alternative Motion Project, ARENA Dances, Zenon Dance Company, Eclectic Edge Ensemble, Joe Chvala Flying Foot Forum, and Paula Mann’s TimeTrack Productions. Heather currently is a Principal Artist with Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater. She has had her choreographic work commissioned and performed at Carleton College, Gustavus Adolphus College, the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, SUNY Geneseo, Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, and for Alternative Motion Project.

Heather Lawrenz has served as the Visual Arts Manager at the Northfield Arts Guild since 2015 where she is responsible for organizing the Guild’s ambitious exhibition program (Main Gallery, Up Gallery and six satellite galleries), annual Riverfront Fine Arts Festival, artist professional development series and the member-focused Gift Shop.  In her position, Lawrenz has organized over 80 exhibitions featuring works by hundreds of artists from Northfield and the surrounding region and generates varied and diverse opportunities for local and regional artists each year. Lawrenz received a BA degree from St. Olaf College where she was also the recipient of a Fifth-Year Art Apprenticeship.

Matthew J. Olson leads a diverse career as a conductor, choral composer, singer, arts administrator, and music educator. In the upcoming 2017-18 season, he serves as: Artistic Director of Oratory Bach Ensemble, a professional baroque orchestra and choir; Visiting Conductor of Choirs at Carleton College; Instructor of Voice at North Hennepin Community College; Guest Conductor of Magnum Chorum for performances of Brahms' A German Requiem; and Assistant Conductor of The Singers, with whom he will lead performances of Joby Talbot’s choral symphony Path of Miracles. He enjoys collaborations that interweave musical genres, including Minnesota Public Radio's Works for Words live at The Fitzgerald Theater. His compositions and arrangements are published by Colla Voce, Santa Barbara, and via his website He studied choral and orchestral conducting at St. Olaf College, The Oregon Bach Festival, Michigan State University, The Canford Conducting School (U.K.), and The University of Minnesota.

Meg Ojala, professor of Art and Art History, received her BA from the University of Minnesota and her MFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She has taught photography at St. Olaf for almost 35 years. Ojala closely observes, draws, and photographs the landscape. She explores perceptions of space, the visual poetry of representation and abstraction, and the ways in which photographs transform the world. She makes photographs for conservation efforts such as This Perennial Land, a book encouraging conservation of the Blue Earth watershed, and an interdisciplinary project with St. Olaf colleagues and students retracing the 1838 expedition route of Joseph N. Nicollet. Ojala is a recipient of awards including multiple McKnight Foundation Artist Fellowships for Photographers, Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grants, and a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council. Ojala has exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented by Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis.

Jane Shockley holds the position of Senior Lecturer in Dance at Carleton College.  She has also been on faculty at St. Olaf College, Macalester College and Zenon Dance School. In 2005, she became a certified movement educator and in 2009 received a Sage Award for Outstanding Dance Educator. She has been pursuing dance for over three decades as a founding member of Zenon Dance Company, a member of the New Dance Performance Lab, a collaborator in the improvisational quartet Body Logic and with New York choreographers Doug Elkins and David Dorfman. She has also performed with Minneapolis choreographers Morgan Thorson, Shawn McConneloug and Hijack, as well as the Minnesota Opera’s productions of Transatlantic and Macbeth. Jane’s work has been presented by the Southern Theater, Duluth Dance Festival, Florida Dance Festival and the Walker Arts Center.

Mark Stover has served as Conductor of Viking Chorus and Chapel Choir at St. Olaf College since the Fall of 2015 where he also teaches conducting and Music and Social Justice.  Additionally, he is the Director of Choral Worship at Colonial Church in Edina where he oversees the choral activity at the church, designs worship services and conducts the Colonial Chorale. In 2014 he was a sabbatical replacement faculty member during the Spring term at St. Olaf, guest conducting the world-renowned St. Olaf Choir, directing the Collegiate Chorale and teaching choral conducting. He graduated from St. Olaf College and earned his master of sacred music with emphasis in choral conducting from Luther Seminary where he worked extensively with mentors Dr. Anton Armstrong and Dr. Paul Westermeyer. Mark, his wife Julie and sons Jack and Jordan, live in Northfield.

Michon Weeks mines the myths, songs, and history of her surroundings as well as her own memories and thoughts to consider the nature of human existence and perception. By using ordinary objects as subject matter—soft drink cup, gas can, wall clock, saw blade, and other materials from the made world—and transforming them through curious alterations in perspective, shape, scale, and patterning, she reveals a sense of wonder and merges the boundaries between the everyday and the deeply symbolic. Michon attended the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, where she earned an MFA in Drawing and Painting. She earned a BA in Art from Iowa State University, Ames. Her drawings and paintings have been shown regionally and nationally. She was awarded grants and fellowships from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Forecast Public Art, Southwest MN Arts and Humanities Council, and the Southeast MN Art Council.