8 incredible places want to see in California

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When it comes to the US tourism, almost everyone would like to visit California for its attractive places. Many people want to see the redwoods when they are going to California tour. Redwoods seem appropriate choice and it is also the tallest tree species of the world thus many tourists want to often visit the forests which contain more amounts of redwoods. If you want to see the redwoods in California, the following are some of the suggestions given by the travel experts.

Places to visit in California to see redwoods:

  • Redwood National & State parks – This Park is located in the northern coastal region of California and it is completely made up of 4 parks. The main highlights of this redwood national and state parks is the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail that strolls through the ancient growth redwood grooves on the easy 2.4 km hike to this spot. You can see the most beautiful views of such redwood towering trees.

  • Muir Woods National Monument – This place is only about 20 km North region of San Francisco and it is considered to be the most accessible park. This is why it is the world’s most visited redwood park by the thousands of visitors per day. It is also one of the smallest redwood parks having the stunning range of hiking trails of the changing difficulty and distance.

  • Big Basin Redwoods state park – When you want to spend your whole day in the redwood park, this Big Basin Redwoods state park is the best place which includes several surprising waterfalls.

  • Henry Cowell Redwoods state park – It is the smallest state park including 24 km of hiking trails. This state park also includes 91 meters tallest and oldest growth virgin redwoods.
  • Humboldt Redwoods state park – This state park is the home to the Rockefeller Forest and it is considered to be the world’s biggest remaining continuous old growth forest of the redwoods coastal. It is also the best known for the scenic highway which includes 3 redwood trees.
  • Montgomery Woods state natural reserve – It is one of the smallest state reserve areas which have more numbers of the redwood parks in the remote California locations.
  • Hendy Woods state park – Hendy Woods state park is the less foggy and warmer park than some other popular redwood parks in California. It probably features several kilometers of the trails and also two redwood grooves including 32-hectare redwood grove and Big Hendy.
  • Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park – It is the well-known state park located in the highway of the Pacific Coast and it also features the trails which turn through the redwood groves.

All these places in California can be booked at airpaz and are definitely the best spots where you can find the oldest and tallest redwoods. A few of them are located in the seashore lines to enjoy your time better with your loved ones. Have a great enjoyment and have lots of fun every time you visit California.